BIGG BOSS – 8th August 2017 – Promo 1


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  1. இவனுங்க ஒரு லூசு பசங்க ஆ னா ஊ னா ஓவியா ஆர்மி னு கேரளா காரி அவ பின்னால மூந்து பாத்துக்கிட்டு போய்டுவானுவ, நேத்து கேரளாவில் விபத்துக்குள்ளான ஒரு தமிழனை 5 மருத்துவமனையில் அனுமதிக்கவில்லை .8 மணிநேரமா அழஞ்சி அந்த மனுஷன் ambulance லியே செத்துட்டார். இங்க ஓவியா army யாம். வெக்கவெக்கங்கெட்டவனுவ , ஒங்க அப்பன் ஆத்தாலுக்கு ஒரு army uh start பன்னுங்க….

  2. இந்த வாரம் சிவன் போகனும். பொண்டாட்டி சக்தி (கால்சியம்) தனியாக இருந்து சாகனும்.

  3. Nomination, who goes out? My point of view. First shakti should go, gaya will be more vulnerable now. No backbone no support. As I think she is the biggest bitch in the house and she has to pay for whatever she had done to Bharani, julie and Oviya.

    Why not Aarav now? From what I see, oviya is waiting for Aarav bitch to go out and pursue her love, we shouldn't let that happen. It was a selfish move by oviya for love. So meanwhile she takes that time to heal and find out Aarav true colours.

    Best scenario: oviya comes in with a bang when both Aarav and gaya is there and she vechi seiyi them. This is what I want!! She should fist give it nicely back to Aarav bitch and then gaya bitch.

    So shakthi should go first! Who is with me?

  4. Vijay tv….dont bring back oviya…..if oviya is there…i cant control myself to watch bb at 9 pm….there was big fight going on with my 3 year old son for remote….now i am relaxed…i spent my time on some other useful things……please ovi dont come back to bb

  5. VAICARD endru ondru ullathu. eppadi UK ulla BIG BOSSsil Silpa Shetty VAICARD moolam thirumba ulle vanthu WIN pannaaro , athe pol Oviyavum thirumba vanthu win pannalaam , pannalaam yaar kanda. appadi ithu mattum nadanthaa , BIG BOSS munbu illaatha alavukku TRP yegurum. paarpom , naan munbu sonnathu pol , naam ondrai ninaithal IRAIVAN verondrai seivaan.

  6. MASTERPLAN: snehan acting!!!! Beware!!! he knows how to play….already he fooled many oviya fans by crying but if u see he gives the key to sakthi n gay3 everytime. He knows abt them. they get the blame then he will console the cornered guy…Masterplan….

  7. We don't need any old contestants back including Oviya send some new faces so these guys will have a tough time. . This week like Kamal said there will be new entries for sure. .