BIGG BOSS – 10th August 2017 – Promo 1


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  1. The only useful thing u did… Laughed at the right moment. Congrats Raiza… When she laughed, criticised n teased Oviya, she wud hav felt the same way… Nalla venum stupid gay3…

  2. Raiza does not have natural quality to play fair and bold play for long…. currently she unknowingly behaving like Oviya.. coz raiza never understud Oviya.. she cried only for how she mocked at Oviya's painful times.. not coz she is missing Oviya…. If she had understud Oviya then we wud have seen Oviya and Raiza in final week along Snehan or Vaiyapuri…. and the winner will be… om shanthi om shanthi _^_……

  3. u people r not accepting that sakthi is a person who doesn't change from first s he was against Oviya but he said sorry for that u r telling that he was backstabbing but snehan n raiza r also doing the same as snehan n raiza realised their mistake they should follow Oviya in not backstabbing others right more than sakthi these two people r doing

  4. I like raiza now, she has improved a lot. Sure, she hated oviya and was a prominant reason for her leave but if u think about it, won't you get mad over someone revealing your personal information? It could've ruined the lives of many people. Oviya went psychotic and everyone knows that, so I understand her hatred towardds oviya. Now my votes are for raiza and vaiyaburi.