BIGG BOSS – 12th August 2017 – Promo 1


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  1. By the way, I can understand that what you are doing in bigg boss
    Only one thing, you must show some kurumbadam to Gayathri if you want her to change her attitude and improve life style
    Instead you simply save her which I don't like

  2. kamal sir first of all i thank u for the courtesy and concern u hv over tamil ppl, evicted contestants and the inmates. kamal sir i hv lots and lots of doubts, suggestions,opinions and ideas to share with u sir. i dont know u may r may not read my comment. but if u hv read this comment mean i really feel very happy and blessed.
    first thing i wanna tell u is that sir v the tamil ppl are emotional sentimental, faithful and brave in nature. that's y v are showing and exposing our overwhelming responses feelings and emotions in the way of comments, tweets,trolls, memes and other ways. v dont need to dishonour r insult a person in a public v need a loyal and self experienced apology from the ppl those who had done a blunder mistake crime whatever may b. if that person had experienced his r her own mistake by themselves then v will leave them alone v wont disturb their privacy. but if they keep on continuing the same attitude mean then v wont let them to feel free.

    one more thing sir
    as u said that BB contestants hv their own life at outside so v should not interfere r disturb their personal life with this show.
    i totally agree with it sir. i request u just one thing please show some footages of the evicted contestants life after they hd left this show just to make the ppl to understand that what is evicted contestant's reaction after they came out of BB? and did they realized their mistakes atleast for now? thats it sir.

  3. kamal sir better to quit bigboss, from childhood I grown up with his movies, our respectaful person should not be dishonoured by this show and by this mentally retarted gayathri.Even i afraid same like kamal, that gayathri might use the same word hair to him also.