BIGG BOSS – 13th August 2017 – Promo 1


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  1. I hate Raiza. She's acting too smart finding ways to prove that others are wrong when she herself is downright rude and arrogant. She behaved so bad to Oviya telling her to stop talking or even smile at her through the end. So much drama she makes I'm confused who to believe.

  2. at some point of time the housemates hav come to know abt the overwhelming response for oviya…. hence snehan,raiza,vaiyapuri have taken anti gayatri stand…. n they r giving her a cold shoulder…… if they r trying to give some bitter medicine to gayatri by giving it back to her….. sorry rest of the folks its a horrible strategy n very poor show….. u guys r proving to be no better than wat gayatri n co did to oviya…. if groupism is wrong then is it valid now? gayatri doesn't deserve this for being herself nd calling a spade a spade…. that may nt b a popular opinion……they have nt changed thr stand on knowing abt oviyas new found popularity….. lets be fair to her

  3. Poda loose arav oviya friend nu sonna but avaluku problem nu sonnathu u corner her . nee nominated anathum oviya kuda close palaguna appathan oviya fans unaku vote panuvaganu nee safe anna next second unaku Sakthi gayathiri unaku mukkiya poitagala . raiza sonna mathiri unaku mudivu eduka theriyama Ella Sakthi new support pannuna unaku movie nadika Chance kedaikum adunala this is ur plan u r a really a cheater

  4. To get respect, learn to give respect. Gayu the baby ma seems to always think people don't respect her….well duh! neenga ennavenalom sollalam and expect people to respect you?? Logic illayeh?

  5. Trigger mama illana, Maruthuva mutham Arav.. Avan illana Saapatu raman ganesh nu yerayavathu pick up pannikitae poiduvanga witch gay3.. so trigger mama nenga romba feel pannama kelambunga.

  6. ****BB – Viewer discretion is advised for tonight's show****
    Today Trigger mama is getting eliminated, so he will be giving irritating speech by self portraying himself, So those who are weak hearted, Short tempered and good souls must be careful. We suggest to use ear buds till he complete his speech and getting out of the bigg boss set.

  7. They are all paid for it and you fools wasting your time judging them.Scripted and edited to make u all fools.A judge check his personel life and decide what authority he has to comment on a kiss.Has he himself married all he kissed.Go live your life first.