BIGG BOSS – 29th August 2017 – Promo 1


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  1. You Indians need to get your priorities right. Here you are wasting your time deciding Julie is a waste of human and Oviya is great with you Oviya Army while Al the while knowing the damn show is rigged, while the real problem is a girl just suicided after having the biggest ball to challenge a fault system but without people support she lost and decided to kill herself. You all just lost a possible great leader and you still parked your ass in front of TV and wasting your seconds. Dumbass Indians and their priorities!!!

    If instead of you all screaming Oviya army and decided to help that poor girl fight the system, there could have been a real change! But no Oviya and Jallikattu is way more important.

  2. Ok…task ethum seiyaatha…veliya pogum bothu "No money" nu sonna apdiye poiruviya???…ulla vetiya thana iruka….ithey un team win panna nee opponents ah summa vitrupiya…???…kaasu kuduthu task seiya sonna valikutha??? pombala poruki….veliya vaadi maapla….we are all waiting…..

  3. ஜுலி நீ வெளியே வாடி நாய, உன்னை ஓட ஓட விரட்டியும் உனக்கு புத்தி வரல,ஒரு வாரம் கழித்து நீ வெளியே வா சொரிநாய,மனிதர்கள் சானிய கலக்கி உன் மூஞ்சில ஊத்துறன்.

  4. Personally don't like snehan but he did cook for the housemates and did to some extent comfort them ,made them somewhat feel comfortable .He did work like a donkey so I don't blame him not wanting to do anything.

  5. after watching today's episode the task is really stupid and very irritating and stupid task. sitting in shofa and bedroom and using bathroom are their basic rights and how u fix task in all these things. From day by day BB is loosing the dignity

  6. Ha ha ha..
    What a joke..
    Some of the audience ask for
    Sri Priya to host Big Boss.
    Its a joke of a year for Vijay tv..
    None other can his this show apart from Kamalahassan..
    His witty speech, intelligence simply flawless..

    Its a good thing Oviya is not coming back as she is happy with her life..she has reached her peak..
    Life has to go on..

    Snehan did a right move..
    He cant be doing all the jobs in the house..
    What suprises us is that..his hugging issue came a big hu ha..
    Wake up audience..
    Did any participants women of the Big Boss says he is like that of a person..
    Then why such a hu ha of it is going on..
    Sathish the actor is to be blame for part of it..making a mockery of it..
    Kamalahassan has to ask all the women participants is he such…

    Very touching he said about Gouthami cancer story ..

    Our full support for Snehan..

  7. Aiyoooooooo Why this vj tv n bigg boss bring again n again julie in the shows….we hate…we hate….we hate…..julie face on our tv/hp/laptop………if vj tv or bigg boss u love to help her plssss give a job behind the screen….people hate her…. from malaysia