BIGG BOSS – 14th September 2017 – Promo 2


#பிக்பாஸ் வீட்டில்…

இன்று இரவு 9 மணிக்கு…

உங்கள் விஜயில்..

முழுப்பகுதிக்கு –

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  2. Vijay tv last week audience pechuku mathipu kiduthu sujavai eliminate seyama Kamal sir save seytha.athypol entha varam makkal vandukoluku enanki Kamal sir equal points kodukanum

  3. But they have edited her part in today's episode..I mean she tells tht he didn't speak to her while in the car but it hasn't clearly visible they are being biased on suja

  4. Ada pongayaa!
    Enough with Suja pls. It's like the person who already has seen the exam paper, knows all the answers beforehand. Very unfair BB. Just let those who have been there since day one to fight for the title. 
    Lost the enjoyment of watching the show. Irritating. Since she joined in the end, she has the stamina, knows what people vote for etc. 
    No thrill and irritating to see, show lost its value, become such a rubbish cheap show. BB, no more Suja drama pls. 
    If those from the beginning fight, it would be much more exciting and viewers will support their own fans, winning will be more challenging!

  5. Ada kadavule rendi per pesituthaane paa irunthinga hayyo koduma, ganesh oru honest soul avara poi santhega pandraaru snegan, nalla irukuravangala kelapivitranuga bb team Sanda illati namaku intrst irukathula athunaala ponga da dey

  6. I like Suja..Yes, she has some flaws but tell me who doesn't have flaws.. she agrees that she came in to play the game. She's not faking it like Snehan. Snehan is sly and cunning. He's always calculating how to win the show.

  7. suja irritating starting la erunthae epo vanthu ava than win pana nu nanaika kudathula snehan starting la erunthae kasta paduraru elarukum support panni kadasila emanthu poraru snehan ganesh yaru win panalum happy than