Sasikumar collaborates by and by with his Kuttipuli chief Muthaiya, for Kodiveeran, an activity pressed rustic show with a noteworthy star cast. Kodiveeran has a thin plotline, about the battle between a decent hearted, legit legend and a savage hard reprobate, with retaliation being the fundamental topic.

The title card succession is so wonderfully caught, because of the visuals by S.R.Kathir, who sets the state of mind consummately. It gives a decent begin to the film, yet as the portrayal streams, you meet all the standard characters and their threadbare exchanges. ‘Kuthuven’, ‘Poduven’, ‘Poda Veippen’, ‘Usuroda vida maaten’, are a couple of cases of discoursed that component in the film. ‘Ayyo Adi Aathe, En Kannu Kaadhu Mookke’, ‘Raga Ragala, Ivan Ragalaikku Ellam Sagala’, are the few verse lines. There is no kind of freshness in the composition division, both in exchanges and verses.

Three male characters, specifically, Sasikumar, Vidhaarth, and Pasupathi have three sisters, Sanusha, Mahima Nambiar, and Poorna separately, and episodes that change the lives of these individuals is the thing that Kodiveeran is about. When you have these many characters, you can play well with them, and utilize them productively, which really doesn’t occur. Chief Muthaiya’s movies are known for the solid assumption relationship, which is there in Kodiveeran as well. This time, it manages the sister conclusion, yet shockingly, it doesn’t work firmly in the film, not at all like, Komban and Kuttipuli.

Another issue with Kodiveeran is that, however, there are two-three individuals with negative shades, no scalawag, is threatening or undermining. The film’s span is an issue, and particularly the primary half, which is a smidgen too long with a running time of about a hour and a half. The scissors could have been utilized all the more shrewdly and adequately to have made the film tauter.

It is a cakewalk part for Sasikumar, who’s done various movies of this kind, and this characterisation. He’s done his part well yet neglects to hold the gathering of people with his screen nearness. An exceptional entertainer like Pasupathi is squandered in an extremely common scalawag part, which doesn’t have any force. Sanusha is certain to pull in the gathering of people with her easygoing and energetic execution, whose science with Sasikumar, works no doubt.

Poorna’s devotion to her character in the film needs an exceptional say, and she has experienced the part of a furious young lady, who needs to vindicate her resistance party. Mahima’s screen time is relatively less, and she doesn’t have anything imperative to do, to propel the screenplay. Balasaravanan and Sasikumar’s uncle give lighthearted element at specific spots. Vikram Sukumaran’s characterisation is befuddling and needs clearness, and he has not been utilized as a part of a part of criticalness.

Raghunanthan’s experience score is just about normal, and the re-recording is boisterous, making the entire scene loud. S.R.Kathir, demonstrates his artfulness, with the slick shading tone, and flawless confining. As said before, a great deal of work could have unquestionably gone into the altering, and the producers could have cleaved off a couple of minutes. In spite of the fact that we comprehend what’s in store from Muthaiya’s film, Kodiveeran would have worked much better if his screenplay was dealt with refreshingly.

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